Ha Tatukari

Ha TaTukari (Agua Nuestra Vida in Wixárika language) is a comprehensive project of sustainable development for the Huichol communities conceived and performed by Isla Urbana, ConcentrArte AC, Luum AC, and Wixari Collective.

It seeks to provide drinking water to the Wixárika by rainwater harvesting and carrying out education work, training, production, and bonding with children, young people and adults in the communities.

It is work that seeks to improve the conditions of life in the sierras while it supports the efforts of the Wixárika to maintain their autonomy and customs in the 21st century.

Capture of water, art, empowerment and empathy. Community Mural by Zekuollaz.
Photo: Cate Cameron from Cameras for Change.

The directors of the project Ha Ta Tukari –Water is life- celebrating 5 years since the foundation. Water is life for the Huichol people!

Sergio Esquivel, master installer from Isla Urbana and Guadalupe, local technician, installing a rainwater system in La Cebolleta, Jalisco. Photo: Pilar Campos Media.

The rain flows from the roof, through gutters and downspouts to a garrafon (water container) first flush system. This removes the dirtiest particles from the rain, ensuring that only cleaner water enters the cistern. Photo: Cate Cameron.

Water is life for the Huichol people! Video: Pilar Campos.

This cistern of 15,000 litres, supplies the water needs of a family for the entire year. Photo: Cate Cameron

Photo: Cate Cameron

The school eating area, La Laguna, Jalisco. Photo: Cate Cameron.

A rainwater harvesting system is installed in one day.

Photo: Pilar Campos Media.

Since we have finished the installations in all of the homes in La Cebolleta, nobody needs to carry water anymore!

Photo: Pilar Campos Media.

The water treated by the rainwater harvesting systems is potable.

Concentrarte works on the issues of health and education for the community.

Photo: Pilar Campos Media.

Ha Ta Tukari –Water is life- 16 water tanks heading a la Sierra Huichol. These store 250 thousands litres of rain. All in a single trip. Vast and beautiful work with Project ConcentrArte, LU’UM AC and Wixari Collective.