Despite being so close to Toluca and Mexico City, the municipality of Malinalco is full of small, very isolated communities living in the hillsides where conditions are precarious. We were invited by the Holy Desierto del Carmen to work in these villages and develop a project involving the installation of 150 home RWH systems and 3 community systems, while Concentrate AC and Artolution carried out workshops, with games, education and art for the children.

Systems Installed: 153

People helped: apx 1,000

Litre of water harvested: 5,000,000 per year

Photo and mock-up of a RWH system by Concentrarte.

The Paz Paz Bus in Malinalco. ConcentrArte AC carried out workshops, games and activities in parallel to our instalations.
Photo: Uriel Del Rio.

Collective mural by Artolution. Photo: Uriel Del Rio.