Private Systems

In order that Mexico achieves sustainability with its water supply, we all have to take action now. In addition to working in projects in marginalised regions, we believe it is essential to bring rainwater harvesting to all who want and can adopt this practice.

We therefore we sell systems and products to individuals, buisinesses or institutions, giving them access to rainwater, capable of supplying their specific water quality and quantity needs.

The hybrid model of Isla Ubana. A video by Momentum Project.

House in Toluca, State of Mexico

House in Lomas, Mexico D.F.

House in Pedregal, Mexico D.F.

Installing a system.

Cuprum Alluminium, Tlanepantla, State of Mexico

System in collaboration with the Durango State Water Commission.

Rainwater catchment systems installed in the UNAM, University Environmental Program (PUMA), Ciudad Universitaria, México DF.