In Isla Urbana we are very interested in environmental education. The water problems of our country, will not be resolved with purely technical solutions, but rather with the participation and awareness of the population.

Many schools in Mexico do not even have an adequate supply of water. This gives us the opportunity of working with them, both to ensure there is supply and to involve new generations of children in the development of a culture of care, love and value for water.

Children with water! Installation in Kinder Los Pequeños de Villalpando Tlalpan, Mexico City.

The installations of the rainwater catchment system are accompanied with environmental education and art. Students painted this mural with Max Frieder of Artolution.

Installation in Daboxtha Primary School, Hidalgo. This school is an indigenous Otomí community.

Kindergarden in the community of La Soledad, Puebla. The system provides the school with 100% of its water needs during the rainy season.

Art and Water. Montessori School, Condesa, Mexico City.

In 2014 Briggs Equipment in the United States donated money to install systems in 4 schools in Mexico. Thank you Briggs!

Case Study: Parres Primary School

Parres Primary School, Tlalpan, Ciudad de México.

Water and Art.

The rainwater harvesting system of Isla Urbana is an essential component of this Ecological School.

Music workshop to discuss water, working with Hugo Gálvez.

Secundaria IMAN, Tlalpan.

The problems of water, sustainability and rainwater harvesting in the school.