Water Culture


Promoting the sustainable use of water.


Community Work

Our mission is not only to install systems but to make sure that people actually be empowered and adopt them to access a clean and constant water source. For that reason our success depends not only on the formal design of the products but of their contextual and social adaptation and our constant presence in the field.

Environmental Education

Environmental education is a fundamental element of the project. We work with children and adults in the communities by addressing the issue of care for water and the environment, seeking to promote ecological awareness of the and for the next generation.


Each installation relies on the family being able to operate the rainwater systems correctly. It is therefore essential that they understand perfectly how to use and care for them and that each family is trained appropriately.


Promoting the uptake of rainwater harvesting requires generating information. We need to know the impact that each system has for the families that use it; the water quality that can be achieved and the potential the technology has on a city, delegation or community. We seek to create, find and share as much information on rainwater harvesting as possible.


One of the most important processes for increasing system adoption is close system monitoring. Through this, we seek to constantly and closely observe the operation of our systems in the field, resolve technical or maintenance challenges and learn about our user perception.

Professional Courses

In Isla Urbana we aim to spread the use and uptake of rainwater harvesting across the country. One of the ways of doing this is to share what we have learned so far with engineers, architects and anyone else that would like to put this into practice. The courses are an excellent way to share and reflect on the water management crisis in Mexico and the potentials of rainwater harvesting.