Water Culture

Water Culture is referred to the state of being an active participant in the construction of a symbiotic relationship with nature and our water cycles. By integrating participatory workshops,  water education and community empowerment into project implementation and system installs, Isla Urbana works not only through installing RWH systems but in also building an alternate water responsible ecosystem with communities throughout Mexico.

Through these strategies, Isla Urbana has increased not only user buy-in but also has built trust and incentivized the proper maintenance of the systems. Through the Carpa Azul and other IU educational programs, RWH users are invited to become active constructors of water culture and catalysts of change. Alongside our partner communities and RWH system users, by supporting IU and learning more about the water context, you and every supporter help re-imagine and construct a positive water model.

Promoting a culture of sustainable water use.

As part of Water Culture, Isla Urbana’s Carpa Azul program provides community focused environmental and water related talks and workshops, technical system maintenance training, and artistic and cultural activities such as community murals, theatre, music and movie nights that focus on promoting a more profound understanding of water cycles and incentivize responsible and sustainable water management.



The Carpa Azul focuses on building trust and dialogue around water, reinforces capacity building and allows for alternate foms of project evaluation and installation follow-up.