Isla Urbana







Isla Urbana is formed by an interdisciplinary group of designers, urbanists, engineers, anthropologists, educators, and artists dedicated to demonstrating how rainwater harvesting is a viable solution for Mexico’s water crisis.




To ensure sustainable and equitable access to people living without water.

















To detonate the adoption of rainwater harvesting in Mexico as a way to achieve access to clean water.
















Isla Urbana


Isla Urbana has designed an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable rainwater harvesting system that collects and cleans rainwater for households, schools and health clinics. 

The system is inexpensive, easy to install and provides individual residences with about 40% of their water supply.  Implemented on a large scale throughout Mexico City, this simple technology could provide 30% of the city’s water and could help give a sustainable source of water to the 12 million Mexicans with no access to clean water. 


Our rainwater harvesting systems are promoting sustainable water management practices, mitigating the city’s flooding problems, relieving poverty, reducing carbon emissions, and providing a reliable source of water for the citizens of Mexico City and throughout the country.

As half of the people on earth now live in cities, creating sustainable urban systems has the greatest impact on environmental and social issues.  To ensure a future with access to clean water, the most vital resource on the planet, innovative water saving technologies need to be enacted on a large scale starting today.


Isla Urbana Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization in the United States and Lluvia Para Todos is the main partner in Mexico who is run by the same team with the common mission to provide clean water for Mexico through the sustainable tecnology of rainwater harvesting.


Carlos Moscoso, Co-founder (1964 – 2009)

Carlos Moscoso, our beloved friend, was one of the original founders of Isla Urbana. He was older than most of us but his inner calm, experience and enormous generosity remain an inspiration to us all today. He taught us about plumbing and a thousand other things relating to life and work. Isla Urbana would not be where it is now, were it not for him. We miss you Carlos.

Enrique Lomnitz

General Director

Renata Fenton

Design Director

Gabino Hernández

Director of Installation

Nabani Vera

Communications Director

David Vargas


Hiram García

Engineering Director

Javier Hernández

Director of Installation

Carmen Hernández

Administrative Director

Jennifer White

Community Relations Director

Alejandro Hernández

Director of Installation

Priscilla Azamar

Sales Director

Javier Arévalo


Delfín Montañana

The Carpa Azul Coordinator

Martín Liedo

Community Relations

Petra Sánchez

Administration Assistant

Lucia Palmarini

Operations and finance consultant

Alejandra Quezada

Sales Coordinator

July Padrón

Environmental Education Coordinator

Sol Garcia

Isla Urbana Foundation Coordinator

Pablo Dante Sosa

Community Relations

Ana Paula Mejorada

Rain Schools Coordinator

Óscar Gómez

Graphic Designer

Mariana Balderas

Senior Designer

Daniel Nava

Community Relations Coordinator

Jesús Sotomayor

Community Relations

Emilio Becerril

Public Policy

Ignacio Reyes

Communication Coordinator

Carlos Torres


Marcos Tlatenchi


Demesio Baltazar


Sergio Sánchez


Lucas Espinoza


Pasiano Baltazar


David Trinidad


Diego Salazar


Abel Hernández


Alfredo Castillo


César Guzmán


Antonio Vargas


Manuel González


Horacio Narciso


Federico Hernández



Secretaría de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación
Camaroni Producciones
Rockefeller Foundation 100 Resilient Cities


Mexico City Award

Environmental Action award, Mexico City, 2017.

Social Design Circle Member

Social Design Circle Member by Design Prize, 2017.

VIVA Schmidheiny Award

Third place in Social Innovation, Costa Rica, 2016.

Entrepreneurial Merit Award IMMPC

In recognition to young enrepreneurs, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2015

Visionaris Prize UBS

For innovation in social enterprise, Mexico DF, Mexico, 2015

Ashoka Fellowship

Changemakers, 2012-2015

Momentum Project-BBVA Bancomer Prize

For innovation and the massification of social enterprise, 2014

Mentes QUO-Discovery Recognition

For dedication to  positive change in Mexico, 2013

MTech35 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tech Review Recognition

35 innovators under age 35 worldwide, Boston Massachusetts 2013

Civic, Environmental and Social Work Merit Prize

INJUVE, 2013

Clinton Global Initiative

Member by invitation, 2012

Nomination "INDEX Award"

Denmark, 2011

Rompe con el cambio climático (Breakaway from climate change) Prize

SEMARNAT, México, 2011

Finalist El agua, fuente de vida (Water, source of life) Prize

For best practices in water management, United Nations, ONU-Agua, Spain, 2011.

Finalist Iniciativa México (Mexico Initiative)

One of 25 finalists of 56, 958 initiatives. Mexico, 2011.

Genera (Generate) Prize

Pase Usted Project, Transforming Mexico through ideas. Mexico, 2010

Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award Honorable Mention

México, 2010

Finalist BBC World Challenge

One of 10 Finalist, among 800 projects from all over the world, England, 2010