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Rain Schools

Six out of ten schools in Mexico lack access to clean water. Founded in 2018, Rain Schools is an integral program developed to supply public schools with high quality and abundant water provision by implementing rainwater harvesting systems. In addition to installing the systems, the program implements educational and participatory workshops with teachers, students and parents. These workshops educate and empower the school population to become responsible for maintaining the system and spreading knowledge of a positive water culture, both at school and at home.

With a rainwater harvesting system, a school can capture between 500,000 liters (132,000 gallons) and 1 million liters (264,000 gallons) per year of rainwater, which can cover a school’s needs for 6 to 9 months per year.


Create consciousness,
capture the rain.

We install rainwater harvesting systems to and educate students and staff about water sustainability.
We host workshops to promote environmental education using a fun and engaging method.
We collaborate with teachers, school directors, students, and their parents
to foster a culture of water sustainability within each school.

Self-Diagnosis: The participants examine their school and reflect upon the water issues it faces. Participatory Design: We form the Rainwater Committee, where we create and delegate responsibilities amongst students to take care of the rainwater harvesting system. Integration: The Committee presents the system to the whole school to showcase its capability and foster excitement amongst others to embrace its adoption.