We are grateful for our collaborators, partners and supporters. Together we are a stronger and greater force in support
of our mission. We’d like to give a special thank you to:


Purpose Portfolio, who helps companies give back to build better cultures and brands and who have been a consistent source of support to our work since 2016!
JWAC Dallas who has been a strong supporter of our Summer Program through bringing us outstanding student leaders since 2016.
Pacific Council on International Policy (PCIP). PCIP is growing their Mexico Initiative through partnering with us and other Mexican entities with the intention to hold events, produce analysis and commentary, and foster exchange with Mexican leaders.
Remote Year who coordinates coworking and travelling groups for people working internationally. As new groups come to Mexico City, we join Remote Year’s orientation to their travelers who host a monthly #tacosforwater challenge to fundraise for our cause.
Via International, who has been partnering with us for over 6 years. This nonprofit does excellent work with bringing groups from the U.S. to explore other countries while also giving back. 


Sip Tequila and Triarchy Jeans who each give $5 for each of their products sold to Isla Urbana. We appreciate their commitment in building businesses that give back to a sustainable future in Mexico through rainwater harvesting!



Please contact us for further information: