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The overuse of our water sources, poor resource management, uncontrollable population growth, and the increase in industrial activity in urban areas has led to water shortages and other issues in various cities throughout Mexico. To deal with this situation, Isla Urbana installs thousands of rainwater harvesting systems in cities like Oaxaca and Mexico City, giving families potable water for up to 9 months per year without having to rely on the water network.

Since Isla Urbana’s inception in 2009, our rainwater harvesting work has focused on the high-altitude regions in Mexico City’s southern municipalities. These regions have the highest rates of houses without connection to the city’s potable water network, although paradoxically, they experience the highest amount of rainfall within the Valley of Mexico City.

Our primary objective for reaching water sustainability in our massive city is to install 100,000 rainwater harvesting systems, and we believe we can reach that goal.

Systems Installed


Liters harvested each year

160 million gallons