Isla Urbana has volunteers that fundraise on our behalf, help us organize our own events, take part in our High School Summer Program as a participant or University mentor, participate in other volunteer trips to Mexico City and even intern from the U.S. or Mexico City offices! Take a look at some of the volunteer highlights below and contact us if you’d like to get involved.


“With a longstanding passion for access to water as a human right, I wanted to intern with Isla Urbana to learn from Mexico’s leading water organization about their multidisciplinary approach to addressing water issues. I’ve been blown away by Isla’s work to improve people’s livelihoods while simultaneously bettering the environment simply through rainwater harvesting, and I couldn’t have chosen a more dedicated, passionate, intelligent, and creative organization and team to learn from.”
Allegra Brandon

Intern with Isla Urbana USA and Communications Team, Mexico. , Skidmore College, NY.


“I was born in Bogota, Colombia and I moved to the US in 2007. I have always enjoyed helping others and finding new ways to be creative, some of my hobbies are photography, traveling, and playing billiards. I found out about Isla Urbana in 2015 when my high school club, Junior World Affairs Council, needed to find a non-profit to support, and we chose Isla Urbana. Since then, I have tried to stay involved by attending the summer program in Mexico, where I got to see the water crisis problem first-hand, and build rain water harvesting systems for schools. Currently, I am leading a collaboration between Isla Urbana and Partners of the Americas to expand the summer program, so high schoolers from all of Latin America can experience what Isla Urbana is about and show them how they can get involved”. 

Mateo Young

Head Volunteer Isla Urbana Summer Program and Isla Urbana Ambassador at University of Arlington Texas.

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Maca Rojas

Smith College Summer Intern in Mexico City

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