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Rain for all!

Isla Urbana is a project dedicated to contributing to water sustainability in Mexico through rainwater harvesting.


Water situation

The Context

Mexico is experiencing a water crisis that is becoming more severe every year, with millions of people lacking decent and secure access to water.

Rainwater Harvesting

With a rainwater harvesting system, a family can benefit by having a sustainable source of water during part, or all, of the year.

Isla Urbana

We are dedicated to designing and installing systems to harvest the rain in Mexico, particularly in communities where people lack access to water.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Isla Urbana is working to demonstrate the positive impact that rainwater harvesting can have in Mexico.

Reduced Flooding

Capturing rainwater reduces the flow of stormwater into the drains, mitigating the flooding that currently affects Mexico City.

Reduced Energy Costs

Capturing rainwater during the rainy season can reduce the amount of energy used for pumping and transporting water to homes.

6 Months of Water

A rainwater harvesting system in Mexico City provides a family with water independence for 5 to 8 months per year, and in some cases the entire year!

Recharging of the Aquifers

By harvesting the rainwater as it falls during the wet season, we could reduce the pressure on our rivers and aquifers by allowing them to recharge.

Our progress

2009 – present

Systems installed
6.6 Billion
Liters of water harvested each year
Number of water delivery trucks potentially avoided annually
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