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The Isla Urbana USA Agua Vida 2023 event is finally here! This year we are going virtual and need your support!!

Agua Vida is our annual push to support families across Mexico with clean water through rainwater harvesting programs. This year we are committed to impacting 100 individuals and harvesting 450,000 liters (119,000 gallons) of rainwater, to provide each family with an autonomous water source for up to 12 months of the year! Funds support rural and indigenous families located in areas such as remote Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Chihuahua. These programs receive sporadic funding and can significantly use the support! Learn more about the projects at

1 in 10 people in Mexico NEED access to clean water.

In rural populations, less than half of the homes (43.2%) have access to water on tap. Families resort to hauling water from precarious, far-away, and low-quality sources.

How to Support?

Are you ready to close the year by making a sustainable impact on the lives of 100 people?

Join us!

Agua Vida 2023 ends November 30th, 2023! Please help us reach our 30K goal!


All donations are tax-deductible in the US, and all fundraisers, donors, and sponsors will receive updates on how their dollars were used, including pictures and details of the work.

We want to thank you, our incredible sponsors and donors—you are an irreplaceable help! A big shoutout to all the campaign event organizers and all our student Chapters. And let’s not forget our rockstar team of volunteers, entertainment, and campaign participants. We thank you for your presence!

Let’s harvest life and embrace the celebration!

Isla Urbana USA is a nonprofit representing Isla Urbana throughout the US. Our mission is to support clean and sustainable rainwater projects in Mexico while building young leaders in the US. We see ourselves as a bridge between donors, partners, and volunteers and the life-changing work that Isla Urbana does in Mexico. Learn more at