Rainwater for all!

ISLA URBANA is a project dedicated to contributing to water sustainability in Mexico through RAINWATER HARVESTING


Water Situation

The problem

In Mexico, we are experiencing a water crisis growing increasingly severe every year, with millions of people lacking decent and secure access to water.

Rainwater Harvesting

With a rainwater harvesting system, a family can benefit from a sustainable source of water during part, or all of the year.

Isla Urbana

At Isla Urbana, we are dedicated to designing and installing systems to capture the rain in Mexico, particularly in communities where people lack any access to water.

The Water Crisis

Mexico faces a water crisis. In large parts of the country, including the Valley of Mexico, the situation is critical. The World Bank and CONAGUA, project important water shortages by 2030, seriously affecting access for millions of people. Even today, there are more than 250 thousand people in Mexico City without a connection to the mains network!

Ironically, while the city suffers from increasing scarcity, every year thousands of millions of liters of rainwater are washed down the drain or allowed to cause serious flood. This water however, should be used!


Looking for Solutions

To achieve sustainability, we need to develop a model of supply and use of water that is in accordance with availability and the natural cycle. We require solutions that can supply the population in a more equitable manner, without destroying the aquifers, rivers or ecosystems of which we all depend.

In order to achieve rational, ecological and sustainable water use in the Valley of Mexico, it is essential we learn to use the largest and most accessible water resource of the city that is currently wasted: the rain.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Isla Urbana is working to demonstrate the positive impact that rainwater harvesting can have in Mexico.

Reduced Flooding

Capturing rainwater reduces the flow of stormwater to the drains, mitigating against the flooding that currently affects Mexico City

Reduced Energy Costs

During the rainy season, we can reduce the amount of energy that we use pumping and transporting water to homes

6-Months of Water

A rainwater harvesting system in DF generally provides a family water independence for 5-8 months of the year, and in some cases the entire year!

Recharging of the Aquifers

By harvesting the rainwater as it falls during the wet season, we could reduce the pressure on our rivers and aquifers, allowing them to recharge

Our Impact

Since 2009 – present, we have achieved:

Systems installed


Litres of water harvested each year

Number of water delivery trucks potentially avoided annually

Urban Systems

Even in the cities, many people do not receive sufficient amounts of water, or supplied contaminated water, or simply do not have a connection to the water mains. More and more people are required to buy water from pipas (water trucks), paying very high costs for a reduced and irregular supply. Isla Urbana is working extensively with the communities that live in these conditions.

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Rural Systems

The populations with the worst access to water generally live in rural or marginal communities. Isla Urbana works in diverse regions of the country where there is the most shortage, providing better access to clean water.

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Water Culture

In addition to installing rainwater systems, Isla Urbana offers workshops, training and community events to raise awareness of rainwater harvesting in Mexico and to promote a culture of sustainable water use.

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Get Involved

There are many way to get involved and be a part of change to help bring clean water to those that need it most! #HarvestTheRain

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